International Showcase 2016 @ COPE Auditorium


Organised as part of FreeFest 2016, the free annual festival celebrating student creativity, the International Showcase 2016, held at the Cope Auditorium, was an exhibit of the wide range of nationalities represented at Loughborough University. With countries such as diverse as Egypt, Spain and China represented at the showcase, the Singaporeans and Malaysians in Loughborough were not ones to miss out on the opportunity to show off their unique culture through traditional food and games.

Participants marvelled at our stall, decorated with pictures of the Petronas Twin Towers and Marina Bay Sands, two iconic places in Malaysia and Singapore, coupled with a short description of our location on the globe and information on the history of our traditional food and games. Those that visited our stall had fun playing Chapteh, a traditional game where players tried to keep a heavily weighted shuttlecock in the air using their feet, with a scoreboard of high scores being kept as a testament of their great foot-eye coordination.

Besides games, traditional snacks were also offered to those keen to have a taste of the Southeast Asian culture. Pineapple tarts, peanut cookies and durian dodol were the snacks put out on display that day, washed down with a cool cup of everyone’s favourite sweet, pink and milky drink – Bandung. Besides the great food and games on show, volunteers at our stall had a fantastic time sharing about what makes our culture so special to those curious about life in Malaysia and Singapore.

Overall, it was a great day of making new international friends, gathering together with people of all nationalities, sharing about each other’s lifestyles and letting people know all about the Malaysian and Singaporean culture in Loughborough!

Article Contributed by: Brandon Ho


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