MSS Chinese New Year Dinner 2016 @The Mandarin Restaurant



Chinese New Year is one of the few festival that was widely celebrated back home, a day that gathers our friends and family every year. Being overseas in a foreign country that does not celebrate this precious day makes most of us feel homesick. This makes us wonder, what is left to celebrate if our dearest people are not around?

In a university with diverse international students, we come across as Chinese who are Malaysian, Singaporean, Bruneians and our dearest neighbour, the Indonesian. You would be surprised how we had grown up practicing the same culture and sharing the same memories on this day despite the fact we that we are from different countries.

With the company of family away from home, we celebrate this big day by doing traditions we practice at home such as the ‘Lou Hei’ or fortune tossing, hotpot, and of course the reunion dinner. Besides the events that are organised by our society, the Loughborough Student Union (LSU) has associated with the Chinese Society to organised a festive night for the Chinese community in Loughborough.

We understand that it is tough for students who are new to this country and find it strange, this is why we the Malaysian and Singaporean students have come together to form this society to make you feel at home again. We look forward to you joining the family and to celebrate events from back home with us.

Article Contributed by: Lim Wei Ken


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